I grew up in Clinton, Iowa.   When I was five years old, Santa brought us our first Pom named Powder Puff for Christmas.  When Powder Puff crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Grandpa bought mom a male Pom and Dad bought her a female Pom. That was the start of Jubilu Poms in Iowa.  Mom showed her Poms during the late 1970's and early 1980's, and I tagged along to help.
I moved away from home to go to college.  Upon getting married we moved to Japan, where we lived in Yokosuka for ten years.  I taught elementary P.E. on the Navy base in Yokosuka.  In 1990, we moved to Port Orchard, Washington. 
Frank, my husband, bought me a Pom for Christmas in 1991.  Jasmine lived for eight years.  I had a personal experience with Black Skin Disease by having her.  When she crossed the rainbow bridge, Frank asked me to get online and find a Pom kennel with pups so that we could have another fur child.  I met Julie Clemen of Rise N Shine Poms and bought. Rise N Shine's Midnight Serenade aka Lyric. 

Within a year, we had two more Poms from Julie.  Washu, my brood, and Smokey.  Washu and Smokey quickly became Frank's Poms.  Frank became ill with Liver Failure and passed away February 11, 2004.  During this time Washu, Smokey, and Lyric were at Frank's side continuously.  He saw the wonderful love Poms show to their family.  Julie Clemen was a godsend during this time as a wonderful friend.  I could never thank her enough for her support. One wish that Frank asked me was to purchase a show quality Pom and learn how to show.
Late in February, Julie called and asked if I might be interested in buying a show Pom.  This is when I met Alane Levinsohn of Showcase Poms. I co-own Showcase Catch Me If You Can, aka Leo, with Alane.  Curtiss Smith is Leo's handler and provides him with lots of love and attention.  Alane has mentored me in showing Poms and is a wonderful friend!

Through Alane, I acquired Pominique That's All Folks, aka Corky who lives in the Fareast now!  When Corky was sold, I wanted to buy another show Pom to show myself.  I saw Ace's picture on one Pom post and emailed Mary Latimer of Sofine Poms and told her that I loved the little Ace. I was hoping that Ace was a little girl and could pack bags and come home!  Well, Ace is a little boy. But he stole my heart and I just had to have him. 
So we have the King Ace ruling the Fujitsu home!  Through Ace, I have a mom in Texas, Mary! 
Outside of the world of Poms, I am a teacher for Seattle Public Schools.  I work at Cleveland High in Seattle teaching Special Education students.  I have been working on an Education Specialist degree in School Administration; however, I decided to take time off and spend more time with my children and get my live life to its fullest.
I fell in love with a wonderful man, Tom Zech, who has been a friend since 1997.  He is wonderful to me and my two teenage daughters, Jessica and Melissa. Tom also enjoys going to dog shows and is learning how to help with grooming Poms!

Tom and my children will be family to our fur pups!

Everlasting Love



Is Mom Looking?
Nancy Maggy Smokey


Bowled Over


  Here I Go


    I got you Babe


Nani Nani BooBoo


Oh no you don't


You Don't Say?





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